Our Impact



We had a pilot at a major retailer's eating spaces, where children and parents interacted with NoRILLA as they were shopping and eating. We had a very good response. Our survey results with parents showed that 97% of parents would choose this retailer over a similar store if there was an educational system like NoRILLA in the store. 92% said that NoRILLA would affect their perception of the store in a positive way, while 94% said they would tell others to bring their children to this store to interact with NoRILLA.


NoRILLA at Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

We have a partnership with Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, where we have been iteratively testing our product with many children and parents. It has been amazing to see the positive feedback and comments from children and families, which you can see in this video.


NoRILLA at Montour School District

Montour School District has acquired NoRILLA system for their school through Sprout's EdTech Refinery grant. It is currently being used in the school by hundreds of children. You can see a video of kids interacting with NoRILLA at the school district.

Founder Nesra Yannier Presents
at Silicon Valley LaunchCMU Event

Listen to Founder Nesra Yannier Speak on Startup Pittsburgh