NoRILLA is a patented mixed-reality educational system bridging physical and virtual worlds to improve STEM learning.


Fosters Scientific Curiosity

Our proprietary Intelligent Science Stations provide interactive feedback and guidance to children based on proven learning methods as they experiment and make discoveries about their physical environment, teaching them skills like scientific thinking, inquiry, physics, logic, math, geometry, productive dialogue and collaboration. Our specialized AI technology combined with hands-on learning turns children into little scientists.

Improves Learning 5x

Research at Carnegie Mellon University with over 200 children in both schools and museums has shown that the NoRILLA system improves children's learning by 5 times compared to equivalent screen-based tablet or computer based learning, while also increasing their enjoyment.


We have received multiple awards including a Mister Rogers Scholarship (Emmy's College Television Awards in New Media for Children), an Innovation Fellowship from Carnegie Mellon's Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant in Advanced Informal Science Learning. We have also been recognized by Sprout's EdTech Refinery program, NSF I-Corps and a top startup accelerator (Alphalab Gear), as a leader in this area.

NoRILLA in Action


The Founder's Inspiration

"Growing up as a curious child, I always believed that the education system should help kids understand the reasons rather than memorizing facts... 

With NoRILLA, our goal is to create a new education system that fosters curiosity, creativity and helps children find answers to the questions in their minds. They discover and explore with physical materials in their everyday environment while getting support from interactive feedback that is specially designed based on proven learning mechanisms. Children get the opportunity to learn important STEM skills that are essential for jobs of the future, while playing and sharing with each other in a collaborative and enjoyable way."  

-  Founder, Nesra Yannier